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Life is what you make of it
Love is uncontrollable.
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29th-Sep-2011 03:02 pm - VERY EXCITING NEWS TODAY!
vegas smiling
So, today I got home from work and checked the mail. In the mail I found....

thisCollapse )

I don't have all of the information yet. The meeting is on November 7th. I'm hoping that I don't have to put too much money into this but I will find a way to come up with the money because this is too much of a great opportunity to pass up.
hermits united
I know I haven't updated this thing in a long time but I wanted to share this.


I've had a blog for a while now that I've been using to review anything and everything that I felt like reviewing.

SPOILER WARNING for those of you who have not yet read the book. Just saying.
26th-Mar-2011 02:57 am - NO CHEATING PLEASE!!!!
hermits united
Here's a trivia question for you.

Which is further North: Lawton, Oklahoma or Amarillo, Texas?
16th-Dec-2010 03:08 am(no subject)
For those that gave me addresses, Christmas cards will be going out either today (Thursday) or tomorrow (Friday). Sorry for the delay but there's a very good reason that you will discover when you get the card. :-)
5th-Dec-2010 12:52 pm(no subject)
In the excitement of getting a new computer this past February I seem to have lost all of my holiday card addresses. So, if you would like a holiday card, please comment below with your name and address and I will send them as soon as I can. Comments are screened for privacy purposes.

Also, would anyone out there that reads these entries like to take over my galeness community? I'm not doing it justice and think someone else could do a lot better.

If so, please PM me and I will give you the password and it will be ALL YOURS!

Thanks much.
1st-Dec-2010 03:49 pm - Chase can suck my ass
fist shaking
This is fantastic. Adding to the fact that I can't get enough hours to get my bills paid out of one paycheck like I used to be able to, Chase bank is going to start charging me for being poor.

As of February 5th of next year they're changing my checking account. If I do not keep a minimum daily balance of $1500, or do not have a direct deposit of $500 at least once a month, or do not have a combined average balance of $5000 in all of my accounts, they are going to start charging me $12 a month. I can't afford to lose $12 a month. Which means it's pretty obvious that I am not going to fit any of the criteria listed above.

Are banks really so desperate for money that they feel the need to start charging people for being broke? What the fuck?
This is what happens when you add a NUMB3RS marathon, a graphing calculator, information from the Internet, insomnia and a lack of anything better to do. :-)

Actual distance from Earth to the Sun is 92,955,807.27 miles.

Time it takes light to get from the Sun to Earth 8.316764124 minutes.

Distance light travels in one minute 11,176,920 miles.

Why did I get all of this information together? This is why. Based on this information and 525,600 minutes in a year:

1 Light Year = 5.874589152 e12 miles, 1.033927691 e16 yards and 3.101783072 e16 feet.

Now, if we change it to the number of minutes in 365.25 days which is the actual length of a year, that changes the numbers a bit.

1 Light Year = 5.878612843 e12 miles, 1.03463586 e16 yards and 3.103907581 e16 feet

What does all of this mean? It means that

1 Light Year = 63,240.94229 times the distance from Earth to the Sun.

Like I said, NUMB3RS marathon, graphing calculator and nothing better to do lol.
I understand that what is going on with Katie is a bad thing. The main reason I understand that is because I have been bullied for pretty much my entire life. Liking Star Wars is something that she has control over. I’m not saying that the boys that are making fun of her are justified in what they’re doing. They are not. Everyone is entitled to their own choices and it’s wrong to make fun of anyone for something they like. There is, however, a reason that all of this is kind of getting to me.

I have been bullied, as I said, for practically my entire life. It started because I was bigger than all of the other kids. In the AISD, if your birthday is after September 1st, you have to wait until the following year to start school. My birthday being in October meant that I had to wait. So while all of my class was five years old on the first day of school, by the end of the first six weeks I was six years old and they were still five. I didn’t fit in and got bullied a lot. It only got worse when it was discovered that I had an amblyopic left eye that had, essentially, shut down and let all of the work fall to my right eye. So, not only did I have to start wearing glasses but I would also have to wear a patch over my right eye on occasion to try to get my left eye working again. There were several occasions when, in the name of bullying, someone would steal my glasses and break them, costing my parents hundreds of dollars. On one occasion I had to go the entire school day being unable to see and therefore failing all of my work sheets because I couldn't read them without my glasses. Even the teachers making me do the work under those circumstances could be considered bullying.

I had absolutely no control over any of this happening to me. I didn’t chose my birth date, I didn’t chose the need to wear glasses. I didn’t chose to just have a bigger build than the rest of the kids. All of it was just a circumstance of birth that was out of my hands and I was bullied for this constantly. Even by my own siblings. At five years old, I had to deal with being bullied on a regular basis by not just boys, but girls as well. And there was the fact that my mother cut my hair short because it was easier to handle. All of this made for a very miserable school experience. But it didn’t stop there.

The bullying continued through Elementary school, Junior High and High School. And it only got worse as I got older. My peers were getting more and more cruel. When I was in High School I was called a lesbian constantly because I had short hair and wore jeans and t-shirts, and because I didn’t have a crush on “the hottest teacher in school” who happened to be a man that I had known since I was two years old. And, of course, by Junior High I was pretty much obsessed with Star Wars. I bought every novel I could get my hands on. I worked around the house to save up money to join the Official Star Wars fan club. I watched the movies so many times that I could tell you any detail at any time. I even learned how to say "May the Force be With You." in Spanish, French, German, Gaelic, Greek, and Chinese. I can still pretty much quote the movies and remember how to say May the Force be With You in Spanish, French, German and Gaelic even though my interest has waned a bit in the last ten years. And I am still getting bullied for it. At 32 years old, I still have people that make fun of me for liking Star Wars and Iron Man and Harry Potter. I get made fun of for the fact that I am over weight and I have people make rude comments about the fact that I don’t have the best teeth.

And all this time, I was just told to deal with it. It wasn't even called being bullied back then, it was just being made fun of. From five years old, when I would tell my mother that kids at school were making fun of me, I would get told “Ignore them and they’ll go away.” But they never did. No amount of ignoring the bullies got them to leave me alone. If I ignored them, they just came at me harder and made it more difficult to ignore. When I would tell the teachers, the bullies would get told to leave me alone and that was it. We were never sat down in a class and told how to handle bullying. Kids that got bullied just got bullied and that was part of life. They would have the occasional after school special or some 80’s/90’s sitcom would wrap things up nicely in 30 minutes and give you the impression that you could just talk it out, then hug and everything would be okay. That never happened. Nothing I did or said got the bullying to stop. Absolutely nothing. Even as an adult, the bullying never really stops.

Now it’s happening to my daughter. She used to have very long hair and she loved it. She was very much the girlie girl and she had a lot of friends at school. A couple of months ago, however, she decided that she was tired of the hair getting in her way and decided to cut it short. It’s an adorable hair cut that’s perfect for her face, but she is getting bullied because of it. She’s getting told that she looks like a boy. The other day on the way home from school there were little boys that were throwing rocks at her and calling her a lesbian and other bad names. And she’s 10. Nearly 11.

While it is unfortunate that this first grader is getting bullied for liking Star Wars, it’s not anything new. It’s been happening for decades. And the fact that her mother seems shocked that her first grader is getting bullied just amazes me to no end. I was actually shocked to find out that the bullying at my daughter's school didn't really start until after she got her hair cut this year. No one should get bullied. And it’s something that needs to be handled. The bullies need to get help for whatever reason it is that they have for bullying other kids. But it all comes down to the fact that there will always be bullies and there will always be kids that get bullied. Anybody that's different will get treated badly by those who don't understand the differences. It’s a sad fact of life. The only thing we can do is teach our kids how to be confident in their choices and how to handle it if they do get bullied. We need to teach them that what everybody else thinks doesn’t matter. The only opinion about them that matters is the one they have of themselves.
16th-Nov-2010 03:45 am - Basic Math of a Delivery Driver
All of these numbers are from January 1st - October 31st of this year.

# of Deliveries: 2068
Average Tip: $2.57
# of Miles Driven: 16,029.5 (total mileage including non work driving)
$ spent on Gas: $2,422.13
# of Gallons of Gas Purchased: 954.1
Avg Miles Per Delivery: 7.75 (round trip based on total mileage)
$ Tips YTD: $7072.99 (Including Mileage Reimbursement)
$ Reimbursed from Pizza Hut for Gas: $1766.64 (Only 73% of $ spent on gas)

34% of my tips go into my gas tank

25% of my tips were $1 or less.
13% of my tips were $5 or more
1.2% of my tips were $10 or more
26.2% of my tips are $3-$4.99
34.6% of my tips are $1.01-$2.99

For those who might not have known, this is exactly why it's important to tip your delivery driver. The information above is just the gasoline usage for my car. It doesn't include the fact that if I get an oil change every 3,000 miles as recommended I would have already gotten 5 oil changes this year, at a cost of roughly $150. It doesn't include the fact that my brakes wear out faster than a car under normal usage and usually cost around $200 to fix. It doesn't include the fact that my tires also wear out faster than a car under normal usage and usually cost about $300 to replace. And then there's my car payment which is $330 a month, and my car insurance which is $100.83 a month, both being required to do my job. Taking all of that into account, it takes more than the amount of tips I make just to maintain my car. I usually have to wait until my income tax refund before I can replace my tires and get my brakes done because my daughter and I do like to eat occasionally, as well as other expenses that pop up from time to time. And there's also the fact that my car is in good condition and needs less maintenance that the cars of some of the other drivers.

And lets add to all of this the fact that Delivery Driver is the 3rd most dangerous job in the country, following only police officers and taxi drivers on likelihood of getting murdered while at work. We literally risk our lives to bring you your food.

So please, if you aren't already, be generous with your tips to your delivery drivers.

And if you know people that are not generous tippers when it comes to delivery drivers, please feel free to direct them to this post.
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